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Between the water lines, drain lines, fixtures, and appliances, the plumbing system in your Lexington home is quite complex, and regardless of the age or condition of your home, failures can happen. When you need an expert plumber to handle everything from minor leaks or clogs to major plumbing emergencies, call our team at Meetze Plumbing. We are here seven days a week for same-day service throughout Lexington County and the Midlands. With more than 40 years of plumbing experience and a skilled, professional team, we are well-equipped to handle all your home plumbing needs.

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Leak Detection for Your Lexington Home or Business

Water leaks can be hard to find if they are not out in the open, such as a leaking supply line for a sink or a faulty water heater pressure relief valve. Many leaks are found inside finished walls, above ceilings, or under slab foundations, and they may go on for weeks or months before noticeable damage occurs. If you suspect you have a hidden leak due to increasing water bills, unexplained damp spots, or water damage, turn to our expert plumbers at Meetze Plumbing. Our leak detection services can spot hidden leaks using techniques like a tracer gas or elector magnets, and we can provide reliable, long-lasting repairs.

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

From dishes and laundry to showers, your water heater plays an essential role in your everyday life. When it fails, you need an experienced team for fast, reliable water heater repairs. Meetze Plumbing can help. We offer same-day water heater repairs anywhere in the Lexington area, as well as water heater replacement when repairs are not possible and water heater maintenance to avoid future problems. We service both standard and tankless water heaters, gas, propane, or electric.

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Drain Cleaning & Repair

When you have clogged drain lines, sewer line backups, or need help with damaged drain or sewer lines, give our team at Meetze Plumbing a call. We offer complete drain and sewer services, including drain cleanings, clog removals, sewer line replacements, hydro jetting services, and tree root removals.

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Water Treatment Services in Lexington

Sink faucet dripping.Do you have hard water, acidic water, or water that just does not taste as good as you would like? Our experts at Meetze Plumbing can help. We offer water softening systems to address hard water, iron, and acidity concerns, as well as whole-home water filtration and reverse osmosis systems to address quality, taste, and safety concerns.


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Commercial Plumbing Services for Lexington Businesses

Plumbing and drain problems can disrupt any business. For expert commercial plumbing repairs, maintenance, installations, and more in the Lexington County area, choose our team at Meetze Plumbing. We have extensive experience with commercial water heaters and fixtures, drain and grease trap systems, backflow preventers, and more.

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Skilled Plumbers in Lexington, SC

Since 1981, our team at Meetze Plumbing has been serving homes and businesses throughout the Lexington area. We were named “Best Plumber” by readers of The State, we have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we have over 500 five-star online reviews. We take pride in our work, and with upfront pricing, on-time service, written installation guarantees, and friendly, experienced professionals, you can be confident that the job will be done properly. Avoid water damage and get plumbing problems fixed faster with our same-day plumbing services from Meetze Plumbing!

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