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Vented Gas Log Services in Columbia, SC

A fire in your fireplace can create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Vented gas logs give you the benefits of a fire without the ash and smoke of a traditional fire. If you need vented gas log services in Columbia or the Midlands, Meetze Plumbing can help!

We’re open seven days a week, so you can schedule an appointment when you need one. For gas log services, call us at (803) 732-3747 or contact us online today!

Gas Log Services

At Meetze Plumbing, we offer comprehensive gas log services. We’re the area experts and can help you with all your gas log service needs. Our services include:

  • Installation & Replacement: If you are putting in new gas logs or want to upgrade your current gas logs, give us a call. We have a wide variety of logs to choose from.
  • Repair: While gas logs last a long time, eventually, they will need to be repaired. If you notice cracks or chips in your logs or the logs won’t ignite, you should call for repair services.
  • Maintenance: Annual maintenance will help you keep your gas logs working correctly. It allows professionals to fix minor problems before they turn into significant repairs. Regularly cleaning your gas logs will also extend the life span!

The expert professionals at Meetze Plumbing can help you install, repair, and maintain your gas logs. Schedule an appointment today! Call us at (803) 732-3747 or contact us online!


Close up of logs in gas fireplace

Benefits of Vented Gas Logs

With so many different types and styles of gas fireplaces and gas logs, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. Vented gas logs offer several benefits for Midlands homeowners.

  • Good flame imitation: The yellow flame produced by vented gas logs looks like the flames from a wood-burning fire. Homeowners who like traditional fires but don’t want the mess can enjoy vented gas logs.
  • Energy-efficient: Vented gas logs let you control the temperature and use less energy. They also produce fewer emissions than traditional logs.
  • Safety: While burning fuel means vented gas logs are dangerous, they are safer than wood logs. There is less smoke and fewer sparks with gas logs.
  • Ease-of-use: Vented gas logs are easy to use. You turn them on with a switch. They’re much more straightforward than traditional fires, which need kindling to start!

To determine if vented gas logs are the right choice for your Columbia home and family, schedule an appointment with Meetze Plumbing by calling us at (803) 732-3747 or contacting us online.

Choose Meetze Plumbing for Gas Log Services

When you need gas log services in Columbia or the Midlands, choose Meetze Plumbing. We’re known for our customer service and expert workmanship. Our trucks are stocked and ready, so we have the necessary equipment to do the job quickly.

Vented gas logs look like wood logs. They need to be burned in a wood-burning fireplace with the flue open. Ventless gas logs do not smoke and burn cleanly. There are also similarities between vented and ventless gas logs, including low fire risk.

It depends on how often you use your logs. Well-maintained vented gas logs can last up to 10 years. Logs used heavily or not maintained may need to be replaced after five years.

The short answer is no. Because they produce carbon monoxide, vented gas logs must be used in a traditional, wood-burning fireplace with a damper and flue. You cannot use vented gas logs if you have a ventless fireplace.