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Reverse Osmosis Systems for Water Treatment in Columbia

cleaner, better tasting waterAlthough the water in Columbia, SC, is overall safe to drink, homeowners will often implement water filtration systems to improve the taste and quality. There are many commonplace water filtration systems seen today, and you may find it hard to determine which is right for you — Meetze Plumbing can help!

For over 40 years, we’ve been delivering top-notch plumbing services to our Columbia community, and we are proud to be able to extend our services to include treating water! We rely on water to survive, so why not get the highest quality if it’s accessible? With a reverse osmosis system, it’s achievable!

What Is a Reverse Osmosis System?

Oftentimes, people wish to guarantee that the water they’re using for drinking, cleaning, and bathing is free of contaminants — this is where a water filtration system comes into play and, more specifically, a reverse osmosis system.

But what is a reverse osmosis system? This type of filtration system works in several stages by utilizing the pressure of your pipes to push unfiltered water through a membrane, filtering it down to a molecular level, thus removing those stingy chemicals that a standard filter, such as activated charcoal, can’t reach. When said contaminants, for example, calcium or salts, are rejected, they are then disposed of through a drain line, and you’re left with fresh, purified water.

kinetico home water systems logoMeetze Plumbing offers an array of water filtration systems, and the Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station® and AquaKinetic® A200 Drinking Water System are highly efficient in utilizing reverse osmosis.

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System

All types of water filters are beneficial, but a reverse osmosis system has proven to be especially advantageous for several reasons. When you choose to have a reverse osmosis system supplied by Meetze Plumbing, you’ll be met with a slew of benefits, including:

  • Improved taste: This system will aid in removing the contaminants that will often leave tap water tasting like chlorine, metal, salt, or other unpleasant flavors.
  • Pollutant removal: Although they are not always blatantly obvious, harmful pollutants may be present in your everyday drinking water. These can be seen in the form of salts, pesticides, bleach, bacteria, etc. A reverse osmosis system works hard to remove any and all pollutants.
  • Eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency: By implementing a reverse osmosis filtration system, you’ll inevitably cut back on the need for purchasing disposable water bottles, a cheaper and greener option altogether.
  • Protection of pipes and other plumbing appliances: Unfiltered water can contain things like mineral and salt deposits that play a key role in damaging your pipes and other fixtures, so removing them with a reverse osmosis system will help to preserve the structure of your plumbing appliances.

Choose Meetze Plumbing for Your Water Filtration Needs in Columbia

family-owned local plumbing expertsIf purer, safer water is what you’re after, Meetze Plumbing has got you covered. Our reverse osmosis systems are a cut above the rest. We’re confident in their ability to ensure the water you use for everyday purposes is nothing but the highest quality. We are open every day of the week for your convenience, and we will always offer upfront pricing, so you know what you’re diving into. Let our skilled, tidy, and on-time technicians take care of you.

If you’re ready for your very own reverse osmosis system to achieve the filtered water of your dreams, call Meetze Plumbing today at 803-732-3747 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!