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How To Know When Your Water Heater Needs To Be Replaced

Technician inspecting a water heater

Water heaters are an essential appliance for your home, so you will want to keep yours in good condition for as many years as possible. Regrettably, even prompt repairs and careful attention to preventative maintenance can’t change the fact that water heaters will eventually need to be replaced. To that end, the following are some signs that your water heater is nearing the end of its serviceable life span. 

1. Persistent Leaks

It’s common for seals and valves to start leaking as they wear out over time. In most cases, these components can be replaced, which should stop the leaks. However, another common cause of leaks in older water heaters is corrosion. If your hot water tank has rusted through, you may see visible rust on the tank or experience water discoloration. However, in the absence of discoloration, you may only notice a slight metallic taste or odor to your water. Unfortunately, corrosion in the tank is not something that can be effectively or safely repaired, so you will need to replace your unit.

2. Diminished Hot Water Capacity

Diminished capacity is often the result of sediment buildup within the tank. However, if your tank is flushed and your heating element is in good condition, then it’s an indication that the unit no longer has the efficiency your home requires. If you have added members to your household or additions to your home, then your old water heater is likely undersized for your current needs. 

3. Age

Time stands still for no one, and certainly not for our appliances. Most water heaters are designed to provide between 10 and 15 years of service. As the unit ages, efficiency will diminish, reliability will wane, and eventually, you will be left needing a new water heater. If you have an older system, we recommend shopping for a replacement before you your current water heater gives out. This gives you an opportunity to find a suitable, energy-efficient replacement without being crunched for time. It also allows you to adjust your budget or review financing options so that you are ready to go before your current system suffers a complete breakdown.

4. Increasing Repair Frequency

This is an often overlooked warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore. If the frequency of water heater repairs is increasing, then your water heater is giving off a clear sign that it’s nearing the end of its life span. Often, but not always, the cost of repairs will increase, too. If at any point the cost of a required repair exceeds more than 50% of the replacement cost, then replacing the unit is a more cost-effective solution than attempting to keep the unit operational for just a little bit longer. 

Depend On Meetze Plumbing for Water Heater Replacement

Our water heater specialists understand that you probably don’t want to replace your water heater. We also know that it is essential to find a suitable, energy-efficient water heater replacement that has the hot water capacity you require and a price that fits within your budget. We offer a broad selection of top-quality brands and can help you quickly identify and select the optimal system for your needs.

Contact Meetze Plumbing at (803) 732-3747 to learn more about the water heater systems we offer and to schedule water heater replacement in Columbia and the Midlands.   

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