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Tankless Water Heater Repairs in Columbia, SC

save on tankless water heaterAs a homeowner, you made a smart decision to go with a tankless water heater since they’re generally low-maintenance and long-lasting. But there comes a time when your tankless water heater, like any major appliance in your home, will need repairs — and those are the times you want to call a trusted professional. At Meetze Plumbing, we’ve been serving the Columbia and Irmo areas since 1981, and have the experience and know-how to repair your tankless water heater effectively. In fact, we’ve been voted Best Plumber by readers of The State four years in a row, so you know you’re getting quality service when you trust us to be your local plumber.

If you find yourself with a broken water heater, trust the experts at Meetze Plumbing for reliable tankless water heater repairs. With over three decades of experience and numerous awards, we’re confident that we can resolve the issue effectively!

Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Repair

enjoy endless hot waterIf you’re like most people, a sudden lack of hot water in your home would ruin your routine and your day. Don’t wait until your tankless water heater breaks down completely before you call for repairs. Consider the following signs your water heater is in need of repair, then call a professional, like those at Meetze Plumbing, to get the job done right.

Your morning shower just got a lot chillier: If the venting of exhaust gases is restricted in your water heater for one reason or another, this can cause your system to shut down as a safety precaution. In short, this causes your hot water to stop flowing. It’s an unwelcome surprise when you’re trying to use the hot water in your home, so it’s best to call a professional right away to resolve the issue.

Your water pressure isn’t strong anymore: If your hot water pressure suddenly drops, it could be due to a buildup of minerals, which affect the efficiency and water flow of your system. Regular maintenance can help you avoid the buildup of minerals, but when it does happen, it’s time to call in an expert plumber to repair your tankless water heater.

Your water is warm but not hot: There are a lot of things that require water that’s hot, not just warm. If you find that your water just isn’t getting past a certain temperature, it could indicate a problem with your tankless water heater. This issue can be caused by a number of things, so it’s best to consult a professional to determine the cause and fix the issue.

Your water is off in color or taste: This is an issue you don’t want to mess around with. If the hot water coming from your tap is a strange color or just doesn’t taste quite right, call in an expert right away!

These are just a few signs that you have a broken water heater on your hands. If you’re noticing anything else out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Meetze Plumbing to determine whether or not you’re in need of tankless water heater repairs.

For reliable tankless water heater repairs, call your local Columbia plumbing experts at Meetze Plumbing. We’ll determine the problem and solve it quickly, with minimal disruption to your life. Call us today at 803-732-3747 or contact us online to schedule your service.

Why Choose Meetze Plumbing for Your Columbia, SC Tankless Water Heater Repairs?

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See why your neighbors in Columbia and Irmo, SC, have been trusting us with all of their plumbing needs since 1981. 

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