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Lexington’s Trusted Commercial Plumbers for 35 Years

For the best in commercial and facilities plumbing in Lexington, SC you can depend on the experts at Meetze Plumbing. We offer a wide range of services to solve all of your commercial plumbing problems and are available seven days a week. We’ll work around your schedule instead of ours, so you can focus on your business.

For emergency or routine commercial plumbing services in Lexington, give Meetze Plumbing a call today at 803-732-3747, or contact us online.

Commercial Plumbing Services in Lexington

The team at Meetze Plumbing is ready to tackle any and all commercial plumbing needs your Lexington business might have. Our commercial plumbing service areas include:

  • Commercial drains and sewers: Our team brings years of experience in commercial drain upkeep and cleaning to work for your business. We’ll minimize your downtime and leave your drains working better than ever.
  • Commercial water heaters: We can help your business repair existing water heaters, or identify the right system to install to meet your needs. Ask us about taking your business “green” with energy-efficient technology!
  • Leak and pipe repairs: Meetze Plumbing has the technology necessary to rapidly identify the location of leaks and repair pipes, minimizing the disruption experienced by your business.
  • Backflow management: Backflow can be dangerous to your business, so make sure the water supply at your business is safe with our testing and prevention services.

Of course, we also offer a full selection of standard plumbing services to our commercial clients, such as office kitchen, bathroom, or water fountain installations or repairs. Our specialists can handle anything your Lexington business requires.

To ask about any of our services, or to schedule a visit to your Lexington business from the Meetze Plumbing team, you can contact us online or dial 803-732-3747.

Ongoing Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is imperative to ensure you avoid unnecessary breakdowns and disruption to your daily business operations. We can customize a regular maintenance schedule to suit your specific needs as a business based in Lexington.

For reliable and experienced commercial plumbing maintenance in Lexington, SC, speak with the experts at Meetze Plumbing today! You can reach us by calling 803-732-3747 or by completing our online form.

Choose Meetze Plumbing for Commercial Plumbing in Lexington

Your business can’t afford to have its plumbing out of commission. Whether it’s a critical component of your business or just used for restrooms and tap water, having your plumbing fail can be an immense source of stress and a major impediment to efficiently running your business.

That’s why when your Lexington business needs the services of a commercial plumber, you need to choose Meetze Plumbing. For over 35 years, we’ve serviced local businesses in Lexington and its neighbors with fully licensed, insured, and trained technicians. Our team arrives in a flash, even on weekends, armed with the latest in commercial plumbing techniques, best practices, and tools.

Voted Best Plumber by The State readers for four years in a row, our team is ready to get your business back to peak performance with the bare minimum of downtime—guaranteed.

You can reach Meetze Plumbing for emergency services or routing plumbing by dialing 803-732-3747, or you can schedule service and make inquiries online with our contact form.