Columbia’s Trusted Commercial Plumbers for 35 Years

For the best in commercial and facilities plumbing in Columbia SC SC, you can depend on the experts at Meetze Plumbing.

Commercial Plumbing Experts

Keeping your business plumbing running efficiently is a priority. Meetze Plumbing understand this and are fully licensed and insured with plumbers who have the experience and knowledge to handle all your commercial plumbing needs.

Rapid On-Time Response

Meetze Plumbing can assist you 7 days and will be there fast and on-time to fix all your business plumbing issues.

Trusted for 35 Years

We have been trusted by local businesses and facilities for over 35 years.

Commercial Drains & Sewers

With the experience, knowledge and latest in equipment to handle all your commercial drain cleaning and repairs fast and efficiently, with minimum interruption to the operation of your business.

Commercial Water Heaters

We have a range of water heating solutions for all your commercial needs. We can even help your company go ‘green’ with the latest in energy efficient water heating solutions.

Leak & Pipe Repairs

With the technology to find any leaks quickly and repair your pipes fast, keeping any disruption to your business to a minimum.


Annual backflow prevention testing, repairs and new installations.

All Commercial Plumbing Needs

We can assist with all your general plumbing from restroom maintenance, to office kitchens to water fountain installation.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular maintenance schedules to ensure you avoid unnecessary breakdowns and disruption to your daily business operations. We can customize a regular maintenance schedule to suit your commercial needs.

For reliable and experienced commercial plumbing in Columbia SC, speak with the experts at Meetze Plumbing today.