Same-Day Gaston Plumbers: Save On Plumbing With Meetze

Fast Same day plumbing serviceOur certified plumbers in Gaston know that pipes can clog, burst, or leak any time, day or night. That’s why our same-day plumbing team is available seven days a week to respond to your plumbing emergencies. With more than 40 years of experience under our toolbelts, we know exactly how to get the job done right.

Schedule a same-day plumbing service call today by calling 803-732-3747! We’ll send a certified plumber to your Gaston home or business right away.

Leak Detection & Repair in Gaston

Sooner is always better than later if you suspect a leak in your Gaston home. We use sophisticated leak detection technology, including tracer gases and electromagnets, to locate the leak so that our teams can then apply a minimally invasive solution to fix the problem.

Do you need leak detection services in Gaston, SC? Call Meetze Plumbing at 803-732-3747 or contact us to schedule an appointment.

Water Heater Repair

quality plumbing servicesYour water heater is critical for modern comfort and the cooking, washing, and cleaning you do every day. Water heater maintenance can keep your water heater in working order. In addition, we can perform the tests, tune-ups, and repairs your water heater needs to operate efficiently and effectively for as many years as possible.

Call Meetze Plumbing at 803-732-3747 to schedule water heater repair in Gaston!

Drain Cleaning & Drain Repair in Gaston

Tree roots, baby wipes, grease, children’s toys, and other debris can cause drain clogs and other issues. When your drains clog, our drain cleaning services will get the water flowing again.

Meetze Plumbing professionals are licensed and certified to perform drain cleaning in Gaston. Call us at 803-732-3747 to schedule prompt and reliable service!

Water Treatment Services

Hard water isn’t dangerous, but it can damage your plumbing and appliances. Water softening systems can solve the problem. Whole-house water filtration is another option we can apply to remove the minerals and improve your water quality.

Contact Meetze Plumbing at 803-732-3747 to speak with our team about water treatment options in Gaston.

Affordable Plumbing Services in Gaston, SC

We believe every client deserves a fair price upfront and before our technicians step foot in your home. That’s why we offer a per-job pricing policy for our services. We will tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take, so you don’t have to wait and guess.

Expert Plumbers in Gaston, SC

Award Winning ServiceWe’re honored to have been named “Best Plumber” by The State, and we strive to live up to this classification on every job we perform. Whether we’re installing a whole-home water filter, repairing a water heater, or clearing a clogged drain, you will receive superior service and exceptional quality. We offer a full range of installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services.

Our comprehensive plumbing services for your home or business include:

Contact us at 803-732-3747 or schedule plumbing services online. We work quickly to restore your plumbing systems to their proper condition!

Commercial Plumbing Services in Gaston, SC

Your business depends on the reliable flow of water. When your systems clog up and go down, you need prompt and effective repairs. Our certified commercial plumbers have the expertise required to perform standard maintenance tasks or emergency plumbing repairs on commercial water heaters and plumbing systems.

Don’t wait a minute longer! Contact Meetze Plumbing at 803-732-3747 to schedule commercial plumbing services in Gaston.