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Commercial Water Heater Installation in Columbia, SC

fast commercial plumbers in Columbia SCIn order to provide quality service to your customers and a safe working environment for your employees, your business needs a working water heater. Commercial water heaters need to be heavy-duty, so they can put up with the demands of a growing business. If your business’s water heater is in need of replacement, Meetze Plumbing is ready to help. For nearly 40 years, we have been providing commercial water heater replacement services in Columbia, Irmo, and the surrounding communities, and we are ready to put that expertise to work for your business.

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Signs Commercial Water Heaters Need to Be Replaced

Most commercial water heaters start showing signs of problems before it’s time to move forward with replacement. If you’re concerned about the condition of your water heater or its age, start watching for these problems:

  • Low output – If your water heater is constantly running out of hot water, it’s either too small to meet your business’s demand, or it is starting to fail. Either way, commercial water heater replacement is the answer.
  • Constant repairs – If you’re calling the plumber regularly for small repair needs, those costs add up. Replacement may be more cost-effective.
  • Old age – The age of your hot water heater can indicate that it’s time to start planning for replacement. On average, commercial water heaters will last between 10 and 15 years.

For any of these signs, you can trust Meetze Plumbing to address the issue quickly. You can’t afford to be without hot water, so give us a call at 803-732-3747 to discuss your needs today.

Commercial Water Heater Replacement in Columbia, SC

save on water heatersWhen you call Meetze Plumbing for commercial hot water heater installation or replacement, we will send a plumber to your business to assess your needs. We will then recommend the right water heater to keep up with your current demand. Once you choose the unit you want, our plumbing team will install it and dispose of your old water heater, so you can enjoy working hot water day in and day out. The process is simple and quick, allowing you to continue focusing on your own customers.

For commercial water heater installation in Columbia, SC call 803-732-3747.

Why Choose Meetze Plumbing?

Meetze Plumbing is the best and most dependable plumbing service in Columbia, and we’re not just saying that. We’ve received Best Plumber rating by readers of The State four years running, and we continue to provide quality services to businesses throughout the area. Our expert plumbers are known for the speed and the quality of service they provide, so you can be confident in the work you will receive.

Commercial water heaters require the right touch. You will get that from Meetze Plumbing. For commercial water heater installation in Columbia, SC, contact us now or call 803-732-3747.