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Garbage Disposal Services in Columbia

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If you have a garbage disposal, chances are, you don’t give it a ton of thought. After all, it makes your food scraps disappear in the flip of a switch, so there can’t be that much to it — right? Wrong. Your garbage disposal is complex, made up of mechanical and plumbing parts that should be handled by a professional plumber.

At Meetze Plumbing, we have the experience necessary to make garbage disposal repairs and replacements a breeze. Don’t try to go it alone — save yourself the headache and hassle by giving us a call! We’ll provide upfront pricing for the job and schedule our visit at a convenient time for you.

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Garbage Disposal Replacement in Columbia, SC

All good things must come to an end, and the same is true for your garbage disposal. When it’s time to replace it, call the professional plumbers at Meetze Plumbing for a simple replacement that’ll have you back to grinding up your scraps in no time.

You rely on your garbage disposal day in and day out, so it’s important to look for signs that it might be time for a replacement. Some of these signs include:

  • Constant clogs when you grind food
  • Recurring “resets” to get it working
  • Food taking forever to grind
  • Small leaks when you use it
  • Constant loud noises when running

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, call Meetze Plumbing. We’ll send one of our expert plumbers to your Columbia home when it’s most convenient for you and get the job done promptly while keeping the area clean. We show the utmost respect for our customers’ homes during every visit. It’s just one of the many reasons Columbia homeowners have turned to us for their plumbing needs since 1981.

Schedule your garbage disposal replacement with Meetze Plumbing today by calling (803) 973-6689 or contacting us to get started.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

When your garbage disposal breaks down, it’s important to get it repaired properly. While you could leave it be for a while, there are repercussions for not getting your garbage disposal repaired, including further plumbing problems and rotting residual food remnants.

Whether the issues seem small, like occasional clogs becoming more frequent, or large, like major leaks, the experts at Meetze Plumbing can handle it. We’ve been voted “Best Plumber” by readers of The State for four years in a row — find out why! Call today and experience the difference it makes when you work with Meetze Plumbing for repairs.

Choose Meetze Plumbing for Garbage Disposal Service in Columbia

Family owned local plumbing expertsWhen your plumbing goes awry, you want to be able to call on a company you can trust. Meetze Plumbing has been Irmo’s, Columbia’s, and Lexington’s go-to plumber for the past four decades, thanks to our dependable service and upfront pricing.

We believe in making life a little easier for our customers, which is why we’ll work around your schedule instead of ours. We’ll show up on time and keep your home tidy throughout our visit. Those are just a few of the reasons we’ve been around so long. Get in touch today and see what it’s like to receive the level of service we offer!

Meetze Plumbing is available every day of the week for all of your garbage disposal needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garbage Disposals

What should I never put down the garbage disposal?

There are plenty of things that should never go into a disposal. Plastic, metal, wood, and glass are at the top of the list. You should also avoid inserting fibrous fruits/vegetables, grease, seeds, pits, nut shells, eggshells, potato peels, and dry, expandable foods.

Should I sharpen my blades?

No, do not sharpen your blades. The blades within the garbage disposal are intentionally dull by design; this helps pulverize food as the blades spin. You will diminish the unit’s performance and shorten its serviceable life span if you sharpen the blades.

How do I safely remove objects from the garbage disposal?

Never stick your hand into a “live” garbage disposal. First, disconnect the power and then attempt to dislodge any obstructions using a pair of tongs or another tool.

How do I clean my garbage disposal?

Cleaning a garbage disposal is pretty easy. First, insert some lemon peels and a little white vinegar, and baking soda. Allow these to sit for about 10 minutes. Then, insert some ice cubes and run the disposal. This will remove any debris and leave your garbage disposal smelling fresh and clean.

How long will my garbage disposal last?

This depends on the make and model as much as it does the way you use it. As a general rule, a well-built garbage disposal that is properly cleaned and maintained should last around 10 years.

Do you have more questions about garbage disposals in South Carolina? Contact the plumbing professionals at Meetze Plumbing to get the answers you’re searching for!