Faucet and Sink Plumbers in Columbia & The Midlands

For quality faucet and sink installations and repairs in your home in the Columbia and Midlands region, SC, you can trust the experienced team at Meetze Plumbing. Read testimonials from other happy customers here.

New Faucet and Sink Installations

We’ll professionally install your new faucets and sinks whether to replace existing ones that are outdated or broken or you want them in a new location elsewhere within your home or property.

Blocked Sinks

We’ll remove any blockage clogging your sinks. Whether hair, shampoo and soap build up in the bathroom or food waste in the kitchen, whatever you have blocking your sink’s drain, we’ll clear it for you with specialised equipment for the job.

Leaking Faucet Repairs

We’ll repair your faucet leak so you don’t risk damage around the sink area or spend money on excess water costs.

Per Job Pricing, Up-Front

Know the full price before we start your plumbing work with our per job pricing.

Accessibility Solutions

We can assist with expert advice and installation on a range of FDA approved accessibility sinks and faucets to provide ease of use and comfort for all ability levels.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels

If you’re thinking of updating your bathroom or kitchen, we can provide the experience and expertise on a vast range of fixtures and fitting, source products and install all plumbing to the highest quality.

Clean & Tidy

Our presentable, clean-cut plumbers will keep your home tidy as they work using cloths around work spaces and wearing booties over shoes and will clean up prior to departure.

The Trusted, Family Owned and Operated Choice

As a family owned and operated company, we take great pride in providing the best plumbing solutions, service and experience for our customers and that’s what’s helped make us our customer’s trusted choice for all their plumbing needs.

For the best sink and faucet plumbing solutions in your Columbia and Midlands area home, call and with the team at Meetze Plumbing today.