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Plumbing has been a family business for three generations!

Charlie Griner returned from WWII after serving in General Patton’s Third Army to start aCharlie Meetze family and establish a plumbing business. In addition to operating Eau Claire Plumbing and Heating in Columbia, he was active in the growth of the industry through the local plumber’s union. “Daddy Charlie” believed that a man’s handshake was his contract. He took great pride in his work as well as the plumbing industry. It was through his love and pride of the industry that led Calvin Meetze to enter the trade.

Calvin MeetzeCalvin Meetze married Charlie Griner’s daughter, Charlene, and got initiated into the family business. He received his training in the plumbing industry through the four year apprentice school operated by the Local Plumber’s Union as well as working as a plumber with one of the top commercial contracting businesses in the state, W. O. Blackstone. Calvin accepted a supervisory position with the SC Department of Corrections in 1978 overseeing many new projects being built around the state. With his training and knowledge of the trade and Charlene’s business training and experience, in 1981, they decided to take the chance as business owners and incorporated Meetze Plumbing Company, located in Irmo, SC.

Kevin MeetzeAs the grandson and son, I am proud to share the above history with you. I started in the plumbing business at the age of 9 riding to jobs with my dad and grew up working summers and breaks on job sites. He was a tough boss and I learned a lot form him and the many great men I worked with on these jobsites. My mother’s passion for honesty, working in the community and pride in our work was a part of my early years of training. After graduating from The Citadel, I joined the company and have worked in every facet of the industry. Today, I am proud to carry on the company tradition. I am working toward creating new opportunities for the growth of the company by researching new ideas and implementing industry training standards to continue Meetze Plumbing’s top reputation in the business. Continuing our company’s admiration and friendship with many of our fellow contractors, I will join forces to work with the trade associations to ensure strong industry stardards.

Honesty, integrity and a handshake trust is in my blood.

Kevin Charles Meetze






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